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Nasty Cracks IV by Neriah-stock
Untitled Texture CXXXXXXXXXIX by aqueous-sun-textures
Color Texture 4 by mcbadshoesOld paper texture HUGE 04 by Ayelie-stockMaps by MannequinStock
The Wave by emeraldsugar-stocktexture016 by buzillo-stockold map by Meltys-stock
Heavy Paper by struckdumbOld paper texture HUGE 03 by Ayelie-stock:thumb68111002:
texture 01 by anliahTexture 008 by piechot-stock
bind II by TooMuchFilth-stock
trespassers paint by JensStockCollection:thumb83605188:Metal Plate by Smoko-Stock
Texture 005 by MoonstruckStockMetal_IN-TEXTURE015 by laurent68niketas25 by niketas
Aluminum Foil Texture Stock by Enchantedgal-Stock21 by GrandeOmbre-Stockmetal texture 8 by wojtar-stock
Nice texture 3 by wojtar-stockmetalgearsolid by TSPStockAluminum Foil Stock II by EverythingIsInStock
leb plausible deniability3 by lebstockTexture 33 - caffeine addict.. by chop-stixturesoldie texture by muted-pain
(gearstock) old photo frame by gearstockleb 2 blue bayou... by lebstockTexture Stock 7 by ekoh-stock
tulips texture by flordelys-stockmyprettehtexture by stock4profs
Alive by SolStockDawn by SolStock
Rocky 02 by DH-Texturestext_140 by ShadyMedusa-stock
Creased paper texture by MapleRose-stocktexture any by luiexsJust Carry On by tetramegistus
Book Cover -001- by reflected-stock100 by photoshop-stockHandmade wrapping paper by juiblex
Seamless Parchment Texture by FantasyStockBrick by shadowh3
brown short fur texture by DemoncherryStockExposed Tree Roots Texture by FantasyStock

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Submitted on
July 9, 2008


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June 1st - 7th

Textures To Inspire You V. I by bewarecalamityGrunge Texture 1 by killcaiti-stockBLUE_WALL_TEXTURES by QBit71
:thumb87462250::thumb87528481:6 Peeling Grunge Paper Texture by deadcalm-stock
:thumb87550032:Star Light Texture by BlackDelphinTextur8 by Saniemaus
Phlegm Love by tExTuReMaTtIcblue by kiso-myruso-stock3146x3117 Untld. 61 by pandoraicons
Coffee Stained by candy-cane-killerRust Texture +3 by Polstar-Stock14 by x-cielogris
Paper Variation by struckdumbStreaked. by struckdumbPolycolour ii by struckdumb
:thumb87986396:Use This 109 by Inthename-StockColourful Rust 11 by emothic-stock

June 8th - 14th

:thumb88031459::thumb88073977:Icon Textures Set 17 by sweetxpie
:thumb88320962::thumb88320867:Dirty Wallpaper by candy-cane-killer
Damaged ii by struckdumb10 Scratchedlight Textures by monstreum:thumb88376071:
Above The Lone by tetramegistusTexture 06 by Mixed086 Rusted Stone Textures by deadcalm-stock

June 15th - 21st

:thumb88810188::thumb88745188:Texture 3. by ohsolily
Tileable strawberries by phoenix1981Black n Brown Satin Textures by Gypsy-Stock
Texture Stock 7 by ekoh-stockGlitter Texture 04 by Mifti-StockGlitter Texture 09 by Mifti-Stock
Coffee Text 01 by DH-TexturesCoffee Text 02 by DH-Texturesgoldenpoints by anjusha
textures 92 by Sanami276textures 93 by Sanami276Glitter Texture 14 by Mifti-Stock
jul81 by masterjinnSkrivnost 3 by maateja:thumb89283469:
Quick Fix by lookslikerainJust A Memory by lookslikerainTurkey Feather Texture Tile 2 by FantasyStock

June 22nd - 28th

42 colorful icon textures by Kiho-chanUse This 119 by Inthename-StockUse This 120 by Inthename-Stock
Dear Diary Texture 3 by killcaiti-stock:thumb89523370:
:thumb89616984:Antique Texture by SolStockTexture 1 by elanordh-stock
5 large colorful textures by Kiho-chan:thumb89750980:
TemabinaStock 003069 by temabinastock:thumb89872383:30 icon textures by yunyunsarang
text_134 by ShadyMedusa-stockyellow cracks texture by ftourini-stockPattern Paper Texture 2 by tapemixes-45
:thumb90034593:Texture 162 by deadcalm-stock18 by x-cielogris

June 29th - 30th

Textures 01 - Stock Pack by kuschelirmel-stock:thumb90102262:textures 96 by Sanami276
text_137 by ShadyMedusa-stockDried Bindweed Flower ii by struckdumbDried Bindweed Flower by struckdumb
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